Noah Ricchetti


Noah is excited to be working at Team Rehab Lyons-Berwyn and to use his skill sets to help all the patients in the area!

Noah received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Sacred Heart University. Noah was a 4-year member of their Division 1 men’s volleyball team while attending Sacred Heart. 

Noah is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and is also certified in Blood Flow Restriction therapy. Noah grew up in Barrington, IL and has always known he wanted to have a job that involved athletics in some capacity. Noah was exposed to Physical Therapy in high school when he had the opportunity to shadow a physical therapist, and he realized it was a perfect fit between his interests in athletics and science. He later underwent shoulder surgery in college and has gone through the long process of returning to competition himself with the help of a great physical therapist. 

At their first visit, Noah works with each patient to make an individual plan and set short and long term goals so that patients can see when they are meeting goals.In addition to helping patients improve their fitness and get stronger, Noah enjoys taking all aspects of his patients’ lifestyle into account when helping manage their pain to ensure they will remain healthy and self-sufficient in the future. He has a special interest in treating competitive athletes and golfers of all ages, however he enjoys helping all patients meet their goals and return to their desired activities, regardless of age or ability level!   

Noah Ricchetti
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