Post COVID-19 Recovery Program

Team Rehabilitation has developed a Post COVID-19 Recovery Program to assist all patients affected by COVID-19 with their recovery and allow them to return to work and daily living. 

Many people in our communities were designated as essential workers during this COVID-19 crisis and Team Rehabilitation’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Program will assist those that risked their health to help us all. You all helped us – now let us help you! Let us work on getting you back to health, back to daily functioning and back to work!

The virus’s immediate effect on the body is extensive. It initially targets the lungs; however, a lack of oxygen and widespread inflammation throughout the system can also harm the kidneys, liver, heart, brain and other organs as well as the blood system.

According to the Mayo Clinic – Most people who have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) recover completely within a few weeks. But some people — even those who had mild versions of the disease — continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery.

These people sometimes describe themselves as “long haulers”. This de-conditioning effect has been called by a few different names; Post-COVID-19 Syndrome, Covid Fatigue or Long COVID-19.

Older people and people with many serious medical conditions are the most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms, but even young, otherwise healthy people can feel unwell for weeks to months after infection. The most common signs and symptoms that linger over time include:

  • Fatigue

  • Shortness of breath

  • Cough

  • Joint pain

  • Chest pain

Other long-term signs and symptoms may include:

  • Muscle pain or headache

  • Fast or pounding heartbeat

  • Loss of smell or taste

  • Memory, concentration or sleep problems***

Team Rehab’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Program is designed to help patients, using medically supervised therapy, so they may regain strength, respiratory function and resume normal lifestyle. Throughout the therapy sessions a patient’s heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure are carefully monitored and that data is used to maintain a safe and effective recovery program.

Team can help:

  • Regain strength and endurance

  • Restore normal breathing capacity

  • Resolve and new issues with pain, stiffness or weakness

  • Resume participation in activities of daily living and recreational activities without limitation

  • Simulate job tasks, and facilitate returning to work

What does the program look like?

  • Evaluation includes assessment of strength, flexibility, respiratory muscle function, and activity tolerance, using a Rate of Perceived Exertion scale.  Standardized functional tests are performed while monitoring vital signs.

  • The program may include core, upper body and lower body strengthening exercises, a cardiovascular conditioning program, and stretching as indicated.   Initially these sessions in the clinic may not be long, based on patient activity tolerance.  The patient’s vital signs are monitored, and exercise is performed within target heart rates, while monitoring oxygen saturation levels.

  • It is important to string together frequent, short bouts of exercise early on to improve activity tolerance, which  means the patient needs to be doing these activities multiple times per day. Patients will be provided with a home exercise program and a pulse oximeter for home use, and instructed how to safely monitor their own response to the exercises.

  • As the patient grows stronger, the intensity  and duration of exercise increases, for both strengthening and endurance.  Supervised exercise time will increase.

  • If a patient is looking to return to work and is able to perform activities of daily living fairly well, they can be transitioned to a Work Reconditioning Program tailored to their needs, with input from their employer.  At this point they will spend several hours in the clinic performing a variety of work simulation tasks, strengthening exercises, and cardiovascular activities. 

The Post COVID-19 Recovery Program can be started in the home via TeleRehab and moved into the clinic at the appropriate time for more advanced activities. A patient’s therapy will be monitored closely in the home setting, via pulse oximeter device, and measured by a Physical Therapist. Our staff is fully qualified to anticipate potential over-stressing situations and will make adjustments to therapy during these monitored sessions to yield the best results for each patient.

To qualify for Team Rehab’s Post Covid Recovery Program requires a referral from a Physician, Case Manager or Adjustor. All of theTeam Rehab clinics participate in this Program. If you are interested in speaking with a member of Team Rehab on how you can begin therapy, please reach out to us by clicking the schedule an appointment button at the top of this page. Your request will be directed to a clinic near your location and a representative from the clinic will contact you.

You can also read about our program in our article, published in HOUR Magazine, Team Rehabilitation’s Lung Strong Program Aims to Strengthen Respiratory Function, September, 2020 and January, 2021.


Patients can be referred by their Doctor, Specialist, Case Manager or Adjuster

We provide transportation when medically necessary


Referring your patient to Team Rehabilitation’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Program is risk free. If your patient is an essential worker, we all need to do all that we can to get them back to health and back to work, as we all work through this COVID-19 Crisis impacting our world. COVID WC claims are no longer being denied, as was the case in 2020. Let’s work together to minimize the deconditioning and lingering deficits experienced by these long haulers.

For Workers’ Compensation cases please contact:

Central Scheduling (888) OUR-TEAM


***For full article go to:




Q:  Which Team Rehab clinics offer Post-Covid Rehabilitation?  

A:  Nearly all of our 100+ clinics offer this program, please enter some information (Request an Appointment) regarding the city you prefer to receive treatment within and we can have someone contact you to get you all set up.  


Q:  How do I qualify for a program like this, how do I know if it is right for me?  

A:  We accept physical therapy prescriptions from your primary care physician or any specialists involved in your care.  Our overall goal is to return you to doing the things that you were able to do Pre-Covid 


Q:  What do I have to do to get started?   

A:  You will need clearance from a physician, (or Case Manager/Adjustor) in the form of a physical therapy prescription.  Once you have the prescription, we can help you contact a clinic to get started.  The “request appointment button” at the top right corner of this page will help us connect you to the right clinic. 


Q: What does a normal session in the Post COVID program look like?

A: All plans for patients are specifically individualized to your needs. However, most sessions will include a cardio warm-up, upper and lower body strengthening, stretches for flexibility, and interventions to address pain. Most visits last about 60-90 minutes depending on your specific needs. 


Q: Will I have to wear a mask or take extra precautions to come in for therapy?

A: For the safety of all our patients and staff, Team Rehabilitation currently requires anyone in the clinic to wear a mask. Additional safety precautions are being taken for cleanliness in the clinic, as well as social distancing. You should not have to take any added precautions to attend your therapy, but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let your therapist know. 


Q: How often will I need to attend therapy for the Post COVID program?

A: This depends on your specific needs, doctors orders, availability, and therapist recommendations. Most patients are attending therapy 2-3 times per week. The specific number of sessions you will attend depends on your goals and progress. 


Q: I have had therapy in the past, how is this program any different?

A: Our therapists have been specifically educated on COVID, its effects on the body, and best treatment options during recovery. This program is a collaboration across 5 states and multiple therapists, which includes up to date research to ensure a full understanding and treatment approach. Additionally, vital signs will be taken, checked often, and documented for tracking. While some aspects of care will look much like therapy a person may have received, this program is targeted towards Post COVID Recovery.


Q: How would I know if I am experiencing issues due to my COVID-19 diagnosis?

A: Recovery from COVID-19 is different for every individual. Lingering effects range from major problems to minor issues. Some post recovery issues might be:

  • High blood pressure

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Cognitive impairments affecting memory or concentration

  • Changes in balance or frequent dizziness

  • Fatigue or difficulty completing basic daily routines

  • Challenges with concentration, focus or memory

  • New joint pains or muscle weakness from inactivity or extended periods of time in bed

  • Inability to return to regular exercise routines


Post COVID-19 Recovery Program

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