Back Therapy

Those suffering from lower back pain are usually referred to a course of physical therapy. This type of rehab can be done as an alternative to back surgery which can be extensive and may lead to lengthy recovery periods. Back/Lumbar stability is mostly dependent on strengthening the core muscles of the body (abdominal, lower back muscles). The abdominal muscles provide initial anterior (frontal) support to the spine, while the lower back muscles provide posterior (back) support. Creating a strong “belt” around the spine relieves stress on the discs and joints.

Team Rehabilitation has many back specialists operating out of numerous clinics. There are various approaches to physical therapy on the back, which include Passive and Active physical therapy. Passive PT include treatments of heat, ice or electrical stimulation. Active PT focuses on the physical aspect of therapy, which includes lumbar-specific exercises and stretches. Team Rehab physical therapists combine approaches to achieve each patient’s goals.

Back Therapy

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