Hip Therapy

Many patients who have hip surgery will often be assigned physical therapy before and after the surgery. This aids the patient to a full recovery. Anyone experiencing hip pain may also be referred to physical therapy by a physician. Hip therapy involves managing/correcting symptoms and increasing hip mobility. Much like the knee, the hip is a major weight bearing joint, which is why hip arthritis is a commonly diagnosed problem. The hip is also prevalent in every day functional tasks. Having pain when you walk, sit or climb stairs makes normal tasks more difficult and impedes on your quality of life.

All of Team Rehabilitation’s therapists start with an initial evaluation. The initial evaluation, open communication to your physician, and the goals you set all help form the treatment plan. Strengthening and stretching these muscles is an important aspect of hip therapy. As you establish strength, the hip becomes more stable. Our therapists also instruct the patient in range-of-motion exercises to increase hip mobility. Lastly, we create a personalized in-home exercise plan for each patient to aid in a faster recovery and encourage good habits to avoid future hip impairments.  

Hip Therapy

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