Foot/Ankle Therapy

Foot and ankle therapy focuses on the many different joints and muscles in these regions. Therapy can be prescribed for foot/ankle injuries or conditions/disorders. A plan of treatment can vary depending on the issue and goals set by the patient. Like most physical therapy, strengthening and stretching the muscles are a key component to stabilizing the joints in the foot and ankle.

At Team Rehabilitation, our therapists will often treat foot injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, with ultrasound treatments. Commonly known as EPAT, these treatments are pain free and involve the use of ultrasound waves directed at the point of affliction. This helps rid the foot of internal scar tissue and supplant it with healthy tissue. Generating healthy tissue restores mobility and relieves pain. Another form of treatment many therapists at Team Rehab utilize is the combination of heat/ice and massaging the area of pain. Many PT sessions begin with a warm-up and/or heating pad to loosen the muscles in the foot/ankle. After these muscles are loosened, the physical therapist can then massage them to relieve the pain and increase blood flow to promote a successful recovery.

Foot/Ankle Therapy

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