Impairment Rating

What is an Impairment? An impairment is a problem that affects the functioning part of the body and makes someone unable to use their body the same way they did before the accident or injury. Impairments can be temporary or permanent and include mental as well as physical impairments caused by injury or illness.

Serious injuries happen all the time across the country in a multitude of ways. In many case these injuries result in a in a legal claim or insurance claim. When these unfortunate events do happen, having lots of information and facts on hand can help all parties work through the sometimes complex legal and insurance systems.

In these cases it is important to figure out how much someone has been injured. The answer is crucial when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. This is an area where disagreements may often arise. An injured person may claim he/she can not return to previous job responsibilities, but an employer may claim the injured employee can still come to work and does not qualify for extended disability benefits.

Who is correct? 

An impairment rating evaluation can help answer this question.


Impairment Rating

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