Physical Therapist

Elevate Your Career with Team Rehabilitation!

At Team Rehabilitation, excellence is our standard. Our physical therapists lead the industry in providing top-tier care and unmatched patient satisfaction.

We're dedicated to delivering the best therapy, and we demand the best therapists. Our success and patient outcomes are quantified through objective FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) scores. Our therapists are experts in a variety of specialties and treatment techniques tailored to each clinic's unique needs.
As a Team Rehab therapist, your responsibilities span from evaluating new patients and crafting tailored care plans to setting measurable goals, delivering treatment, addressing concerns, and educating patients on their recovery journey. Join us in shaping a brighter future for physical therapy.


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Clinic Director

Unlock Your Potential with Team Rehabilitation!
At Team Rehabilitation, we create the perfect environment for skilled therapists to thrive. You bring your clinical expertise and physician relationships, while we provide our strengths in marketing, operations, quality systems, compliance, finance, billing, and administration.
Together, through dedication and hard work, we're on a mission to deliver exceptional patient care and financial success.
Our clinic directors are all equity owners, sharing in clinic profits, guaranteed salaries, and performance bonuses, all without the financial risks of traditional private practice. Discover the low-risk path to your private practice success today.

Occupational Therapist

Elevate Your Career with Team Occupational Therapy!
Team Occupational Therapy sets the standard for excellence. Our dedicated occupational therapists lead in providing top-tier care and unmatched patient satisfaction. Join us to be a part of shaping a brighter future for occupational therapy.
As a Team OT therapist, you'll evaluate and create personalized care plans, set measurable goals, deliver treatment, and educate patients on their recovery journey. Our success is measured through objective FOTO scores, and we're seeking therapists committed to achieving excellence in helping individuals of all ages reach their maximum occupational potential.
Join a team that values your expertise and is dedicated to making a difference. Elevate your career with Team Occupational Therapy!
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Shape the Future of Physical Therapy with Us!
At Team Rehabilitation, our Clinic Directors lead the way by bringing on board passionate Physical Therapy Technicians, affectionately known as 'Techs.'
This is more than just a job; it's a unique opportunity for medical and physical therapy enthusiasts. As a Tech, you'll be an essential part of our clinic, working closely with therapists and patients. Your role includes preparing patients for therapy, guiding them through exercises, and aiding treating therapists in implementing care plans.
With guidance from our Clinic Directors, you'll gain invaluable experience and be an integral part of our team. Join us and be part of the evolution in physical therapy.


Unlock Opportunities in Corporate!
Join our corporate team, where your attention to detail is valued. Take part in diverse tasks, from preparing and submitting claims to managing accounts receivable. Collaborate on various responsibilities with the billing supervisor and contribute to tasks like banking preparation and record maintenance. Embrace a role that may include additional assignments. Elevate your administrative career with us!

Patient Administrative Coordinator

Join the Heart of Team Rehab!
Patient Administrative Coordinators (PACs) are the welcoming faces at every Team Rehab clinic, setting the tone for exceptional patient experiences.
As a PAC, you'll be at the forefront of our mission, ensuring seamless scheduling, efficient therapy operations, and transparent financial communication with patients. You're not just a coordinator; you're a vital personality in each clinic, greeting patients with a warm smile and guiding them on their journey to recovery.
Your role involves managing intricate treatment schedules, maintaining precise electronic medical records, preparing vital clinic performance data, and handling co-pays with professionalism and precision. Join us and be the heart of Team Rehab, making a real difference in patient care.

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