dorsaVi Movement/Muscle Sensors

The dorsaVi Movement Suite uses revolutionary wireless, wearable sensors to objectively measure exactly how you move. These are the same sensors that elite sports trainers are using with Olympians and professional athletes to measure range of motion, acceleration and muscle activity. By recording data at 200 frames per second, the dorsaVi Movement Suite provides our team with visual, easily interpreted data to assess your technique and movement for performance analysis and muscle re-education. 


The dorsaVi Movement Suite’s sensors adhere to the skin using low irritant, disposable adhesive pads. There are two different types of sensors that have tiny electronics built inside: Movement sensors and Muscle Sensors. The movement sensors are about the size of a small USB stick and can be placed on different parts of your body to record different movements to capture and quantify how you bend, twist, and move. These sensors send the data wirelessly to pager-sized Recording and Feedback Device (RFD) that talks to software on our computers. The system also allows us to videotape you so that we can show you what’s happening with the data when you move in a certain way. The dorsaVi Movement Suite can be used to do quick in-clinic assessments as well as providing immediate visual feedback for movement retraining. In addition, unlike a bio-mechanics lab, the dorsaVi Movement Suite also has the capability to monitor your movements outside the clinic environment. 

dorsaVi Movement/Muscle Sensors

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