Mirette Mikhail


Mirette is very thrilled to be the clinic director at Team Rehab Downers Grove as she grew up in the Western suburbs and is so happy to be treating the patients in her neighborhood.  She is fluent in both English and Arabic and finds this helpful to connect with those in the Arabic community. 

Mirette obtained her doctorate in physical therapy from Midwestern University and then finished her manual certification soon after. Since then has been practicing in outpatient rehab treating postoperative care, all musculoskeletal pain, working hardening and pediatrics. Mirette is certified in dry needling, vestibular rehab, women’s health, Schroth level I for scoliosis treatment and LSVT for treating Parkinson’s patients. 

Mirette has a passion for people, community, and personal growth. She is a creative-business minded physical therapist and working towards her MBA in her spare time.

Mirette Mikhail
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