Heather Gough


Heather earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from IU in Bloomington. She went on to earn her doctorate from South College in Knoxville TN and graduated magna cum laude. Heather completed a specialty clinical rotation in pelvic floor physical therapy and is a Herman and Wallace trained therapist. Prior to starting her DPT program Heather served as a tech for Team Rehab in Greenwood and fell in love with the supportive family atmosphere and emphasis on continuing education. 


Heather earned her 200-hour Original Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates instructor certifications in 2019. She regularly integrates these principles in her physical therapy practice and advocates these low impact strengthening, breathwork and HIIT training as an avenue for sustainable fitness.


Heather firmly believes movement is medicine and that everyone should feel safe and inspired to access the most powerful and capable version of themselves. She feels particularly driven to serve those who are limited by pelvic floor dysfunction and has a big heart to facilitate pelvic rehabilitation. 

Heather Gough
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