Doug Creighton


Dr. Creighton holds certifications in two different systems of manual therapy. He has been in clinical practice since 1985, and is a full-time faculty member at Oakland University since 1998. His teaching responsibilities include Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Orthopedic Spine, Extremity, and Temporomandibular Examination and Intervention. In addition he teaches a cadaver-based anatomy course, which looks at joint surface shape and orientation, capsular anatomy, and in-depth exploration of degenerative changes including chondral defects, arthritic and spondylotic hypertrophy, and degenerative disc narrowing.


His post-professional teaching occurs in Oakland University’s orthopedic manual physical therapy program where he provides both didactic and residency-based education for their students. Dr. Creighton has developed an orthopedic examination textbook and a therapeutic exercise textbook. He has published research related to radiological confirmation of lumbar foraminal opening with therapeutic positioning, diagnostic ultrasound imaging of vertebral artery blood flow during spinal mobilization and research related to manual and exercise intervention for patients with orthopedic degenerative spinal and extremity conditions.


Clinically, he specializes in the treatment of orthopedic spinal degenerative conditions, arthritic degeneration of the extremity joints, the Temporomandibular joint, and rehabilitation of the overhead throwing athlete.

Doug Creighton
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