Brittni Cruse


I graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in August 2018 from The University of Michigan – Flint. I went to GVSU for undergrad and lived in Grand Rapid for 7 years until moving back to my home on the east side in 2015. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and personal training background which helped guide me down the path to becoming a physical therapist. I grew up strength training and running with my dad, and my sisters and I were always involved in something – mainly soccer, dance, cheerleading, and track. My first passion was cheerleading which I continued to do from 6th grade until sophomore year at GVSU. I’ve always been more of a runner at heart, but got into bodybuilding when I was a personal trainer and have since competed twice. 

I love being a physical therapist because I get to help people get back to feeling their best selves every day whether they’ve undergone surgery, an injury, an accident or just gradually developed movement dysfunction or pain over time from lifestyle, activities, work, or sports. 

In addition to treating orthopedic conditions, I’ve developed a special interest in working with patients who have had amputations and those with suboptimal balance and strength. I’ve also completed additional coursework in pelvic floor rehabilitation pre and post partum to help women resume or start exercise and be able to adjust to participation in activities of daily life after having a baby. I utilize dry needling as a tool for pain management, mobility, and muscle activation as well.

I live with my husband, John, our daughter, Sabrina, and our dog, a Miniature Schnauzer named Sofie. We love to take walks, family trips to the gym, travel, and spend time with family and friends.

Brittni Cruse
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