Megan Hyatt


Megan has worked in outpatient rehabilitation since 2016, specializing in the treatment of patients managing various orthopedic, sports, vestibular, and balance conditions. 


Megan loves working with patients of all ages and believes in the importance of providing the highest quality care based on the most current evidence. Prior to beginning her career as a Physical Therapist, Megan competed as a competitive figure skater for Team USA. Megan holds a US National Championship along with multiple national and international medals.  Her 20-year history as a competitive athlete enhances her ownership of her professional degree and motivates her to stay at the forefront of clinical care, so all her patients can achieve their own specific and functional goals. Megan truly appreciates the uniqueness of each individual patient, and is passionate about providing unparalleled care.


In her free time, Megan is kept blissfully busy with her two daughters and husband, but also loves getting back on the ice when time allows. 

Megan Hyatt
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