Lori Tran


Lori graduated from the University of Georgia in 2018 with her B.S.Ed in Exercise and Sports Science and earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Georgia State University. Her clinical interests include orthopedic injuries/surgeries, strength and conditioning, and sports rehabilitation. 

Lori enjoys working with her patients to determine the various factors that can be affecting their wellness, thoroughly educating them on their condition, and providing evidenced-based treatments to optimize their function. She aims to equip her patients with the tools for them to feel empowered in managing their health and achieving their ideal lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is to make physical therapy a fun, positive, and rewarding experience for all her patients.

In her free time, Lori enjoys strength training at the gym, devouring delicious foods at new restaurants, spending time with friends and family, sleeping, and cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs during football season.


Lori Tran
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