Jamey Gordon


Jamey Gordon is a doctor of physical therapy, certified athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning coach.  He serves as the Team Rehab Westfield Clinic Director as well as the Director of Athlete Development and oversees all rehabilitation, speed, strength and agility training, and skill development activities at ProX.  In addition to his duties at Team Rehab and ProX, Dr. Gordon also serves as a fellowship mentor and clinical instructor for the Physical Therapy program at Washington University in St. Louis, his alma mater for both his Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Dr. Gordon has over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience in sports medicine, sports performance and academic teaching.  In addition to being a former professor of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and physical modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc), he is a highly experienced presenter of continuing education seminars on the national, regional and local levels.

His passion lies in helping athletes reach their potential.  He has done this with professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, and Olympic levels as well as thousands of youth, high school, collegiate, and recreational athletes.  He served on the medical staff of the 18u USA Baseball National Team from 2008 to 2014, during which time he contributed to the Gold medal run in the PanAm’s in 2014 as the Head Athletic Trainer.  

The guiding philosophy of Dr. Gordon is to get to the “WHY” of the problem.  He strives to determine why each athlete moves the way they do or hurts where they hurt.  After the WHY is determined, an efficient and comprehensive plan can be developed to correct deficiencies and build on areas needed for each athlete to achieve their goals.


Jamey Gordon
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