Gwen Eshleman


Since obtaining her degree in physical therapy from the University of Minnesota in 1978, Gwen has dedicated most of her career to getting people back to work.  In the course of her career, she has prepared and delivered presentations at professional training workshops for medical, vocational, and insurance professionals. She has designed and administered comprehensive upper extremity based functional capacity testing protocols. She has created technical programs and product delivery systems to support a world-wide network of medical facilities providing industrial therapy services.  She has developed a six-week outpatient muscle conditioning program that resulted in an 80% return to work.   She has performed over 10,000 functional capacity evaluations (FCE’s) and is trained/certified in multiple functional capacity testing systems to include Occupro, Isernhagen, Key Method, Blankenship, Matheson, and XRTS – cross reference testing system.  Gwen specializes in providing industrial physical therapy services that will optimize the client’s recovery, document objective physical and functional findings, and provide prompt communications to the physician, case manager, employer, and insurance adjusters.


Gwen’s brand new, state of the art 9,000 square foot clinic specializes in physical therapy, occupational therapy, return to work conditioning programs, jobsite analysis, and functional capacity evaluations.  Her clinic has been designed with every possible job function in mind.  Unique offerings include a custom-built 2 story work site area with stairs, ramps, roof, ladders, shovel pit, and platforms to name a few, where she can re-create nearly any job function.  There are also loading docks and temperature controlled (or not!) areas that help simulate many labor requirements in a variety of outdoor and indoor conditions.  


When she isn’t getting people back to work, Gwen enjoys her time with her husband and daughter who are the light of her life.

Gwen Eshleman
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