Return to Work Program

Return-to-Work Program

Team Rehabilitation is staffed and equipped to handle Occupational Therapy needs for employers and workers’ compensation insurers. We provide a full range of services that respect the dignity of injured workers and help them to Return to work as quickly and safely as possible. We also provide worksite education on body mechanics and injury prevention.

Occupational and Physical Therapists can assist with return to work goals and work conditioning to help regain function and minimize risk of injury when returning to work. They can also perform FCE’s (Functional Capacity Evaluations) to analyze the worker’s ability to complete job functions. Team Rehab’s Return to Work Program includes:


Disability Evaluation

A Disability Evaluation determines the degree of physical and mental impairment one suffers after an injury. The diagnosis is applied to legal qualifications for benefits and income under disability insurance. It is also used to determine eligibility for Social Security and Workers’ Compensation benefits. Team Rehab can provide objective, functional outcome measures so you can make more accurate decisions on disability for your patients/clients.

Ergonomic Evaluation 

An Ergonomic Assessment is an evaluation of a work station and work environment utilizing ergonomic principles. It lists the risks of a work station and environment. Ergonomic Assessment also offers recommendations for minimizing the risks. It is a component of a Job Site Analysis.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a standardized evaluation of various tasks to determine one’s maximum physical capabilities and ability to return to the workplace.  If the employee is unable to return to work, an FCE provides a prognosis and the occupational rehabilitation measures that may be possible. These may be job specific or generic. FCEs are used to assist in identifying any changes needed to an employee’s workload, and any modifications to their work environment. FCEs are needed to determine if an employee is able to resume working in a capacity “commensurate with his or her skills or abilities” before the disability or medical condition was diagnosed. An FCE usually takes from 2 to 4 hours, and are normally completed in 1 session.

Impairment Rating

An impairment is a problem that affects the functioning part of the body and makes someone unable to use their body the same way they did before the accident or injury. Impairments can be temporary or permanent and include mental as well as physical impairments caused by injury or illness. It is important to figure out how much someone has been injured. The answer is crucial when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. An impairment rating evaluation can help to achieve an answer.

Job Services

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is a job site assessment of a worker’s ability to apply proper body mechanics to the work setting. It helps initiate the worker’s ability to problem solve to keep a safe working environment for themselves and others. Job Coaching takes from 1 to 3 days, 1-4 hours per day.

Job Site Analysis

A Job Site Analysis is an examination of the physical demands of a job, work environment and worker habits, to determine whether or not job modifications will allow for a successful return to work.  An ergonomic assessment is also included. These are performed at the work site.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a comprehensive program that focuses on “total body” reconditioning with instruction of body/lifting mechanics, pain management and nutrition. It includes work simulation of the functional movement patterns associated with the job the patient will return to. Work Conditioning includes exercise only in order to get the patient back to work to a job to be determined. This course is generally done daily for 2 to 4 hours and 3 to 5 times a week. The goal is to progress the patient to 5 times a week.


Return to Work Program

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