Functional Recovery Program

The Functional Recovery Program is a 7-week outpatient rehabilitation program designed to help individuals with chronic pain manage the pain and return to their prior functional ability. Through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, adult pain rehabilitation program, we treat the whole person using proven cognitive-behavioral methods coupled with exercise, education and psychological support services. Our methodology results in the pain experience becoming less prominent over time and allows patients a gradual return to healthy, productive lives. 



Who can benefit from treatment?

Any patient with chronic pain that has persisted over three months. This includes but is not limited to patients with:

– Low back and neck pain

– Post-surgical pain (laminectomy, fusion, fractures, and others)

– Fibromyalgia

– Spinal disorders including disc degeneration, disc herniation, and radiculopathy

– Extremity pain

– Work related injuries

– Personal injury or accident

– Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS I & II, formerly RSD)

How is an individual evaluated for FRP?

As a basis for admission, individuals that are referred to FRP by their family physicians, physiatrists or Workers Compensation case managers will first meet with an independent medical director and our in-house psychologist to evaluate the appropriateness of the program for the patient.  The primary purpose of this initial evaluation is to assess whether the program can help their patient in achieving his or her medical goals.

What can be expected upon program completion?

Better symptom management; Discontinuation of opioid medication: Greater flexibility and endurance; Improved psychology functioning; Decreased use of medical system for pain issues; Return to work/home, social and recreational activities and potential successful non-surgical recovery of a failed surgery. At discharge, you will be given exercises to continue your recovery and prevent relapse. 

Will my pain be gone after seven weeks? 

The pain is not expected to be completely gone by discharge. Long term pain reduction is generally reported within six to nine months after program completion and once a normalized life is resumed. Even though discomfort may continue, individuals have an improved ability to cope and pain is no longer an obstacle to normal function. 

What is the daily schedule like? 

FRP meets four days a week for seven weeks. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays have 4-hour sessions beginning at 8:00AM or 10:00AM. Thursday sessions consist of a team conference along with exercise which lasts approximately 1-2 hours. During the team conference, progress toward goals is reviewed. Modifications to an individual’s program are made as necessary.

Is there family involvement? 

To assist the individual in returning to health, the family is a vitally important element. We encourage the family’s involvement in the patient’s course of treatment. The program psychologist is available to help family members work through issues relating to the patient’s pain. 

What about medications and physician evaluation?

While in treatment at FRP, all pain-related medications are supervised by the medical director. Other medication, not related to pain, should be prescribed by the primary care physician. Patients are gradually weaned off opioids which assists in a return to function. Medication education is provided during program lectures and team conferences. Patients interact with the medical director weekly during conferences, attend lectures and have scheduled office visits every two weeks to assure physical progress is made and address any patient concerns regarding their health. 

What are the criteria for admission? 

Persons who are experiencing pain for more than 3 months, and this chronic pain has interfered with their life physically/emotionally, are candidates. The program is voluntary and only offered to those interested in and willing to make a lifestyle change that allows them to return to previous abilities. 

How is a referral made?

Contact the Functional Recovery Program at (248) 849-0050 or email to schedule an evaluation and verify insurance coverage. Referrals are accepted from patients, physicians, nurse case managers, and insurance adjusters. 

Functional Recovery Program

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