Clinic Directors

Team Rehabilitation works by providing an environment in which skilled therapists can be at their best.

You provide clinical skills and physician relationships. We have strengths in marketing, clinic operations, quality systems, compliance, finance, billing and administration. Together, with hard work, we can deliver exceptional patient care and reap the financial rewards.

Our clinic directors are all equity owners of their facilities. They share in the profits of their clinics, draw a guaranteed salary and a performance bonus. They have no financial liability beyond their initial investment in their clinics. This is truly the low risk path to the rewards of private practice.


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Are You Ready For Your Own Clinic?

We are always looking for great therapists who want to be valued members of our therapeutic team. In return we offer them the support they need to run their clinics their way.

  • Is quality of care your top priority?
  • Have you established an excellent clinical reputation that leads local physicians to refer directly to you?
  • Do your patients refer their friends and family to you?
  • Are you ready for full clinical autonomy?
  • Are you ready for a career move that will increase your professional and financial rewards?
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